While searching for speylines I came across what seems to be a bargain. These lines are full 100ft lines from 5 to 9 weight. They’re brand new and I picked up the 5 weight for $19. The company selling them claims they are from the same plant that makes lines for a major line manufacturer.

No info on belly length or grain weight is available. At 20 bucks, I don’t mind being a guinea pig. The 5 weight has such a small diameter that in my initial inspection I wasn’t able to figure out exactly where the belly begins. I will determine this out on the water when I get the chance to test it.

Once that is figured out its a simple process of weighing it. This may be a bargain or a bust. I’ll let you know.



  1. Jack Simpson says:

    Made in China, Dave. Same plant that now makes all Cortland lines as well as many private label brands, such as Amundson, etc. About 3 “levels” of lines: decent, poor and cheap & ugly. I have two of those lines in 7wt for use in testing trout speys. Those are the decent ones. Long belly, (about 60′ as I recall).

    • Dave Henry says:

      That’s what I thought jack. I need some longer lines for my test kit so these should do. At $20 you can’t go wrong. Plus I can use them for cut and paste experiments.

  2. Kevin Hoss says:

    Cortland makes all of their lines in the USA.

    • Dave Henry says:

      Hmmm. Interesting. The seller wouldn’t say who makes them, how long the belly was or how much they weighed. I decided to purchase one anyhow. You never know right?

      They could make good test lines, backups or….. maybe they’re actually decent lines. I’ll know soon enough.

  3. Kevin Hoss says:

    At the very least, use the tapers for some homemade tips.

    The bad I have seen with these unbranded lines… poor coatings (non of the fancy slickness of the big brands)… no tolarance to temps… unproven tapers

    Let me know what you find with this one.

    Which company did you order this line from? (send me an email if you don’t want to say). I have seen the seen the same style of lines from Asia, with not mention on taper, section lenghts, grain wts, ect. They are massed produced and you can order in bulk and stamp your name on them.

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